What is it?

The Passion Project helps young people and job-seekers discover their potential and connects them to opportunities that match their aspirations.
The Passion Project was created to help address rising levels of youth unemployment and disaffection. Unlike traditional employment routes, our solution uses passion and natural interests as the motivation for learning and development, encouraging individuals to seek out training and employment opportunities that they care about.

Developing emotional intelligence is a key part of this process. Emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to recognise and manage their own and others’ emotions and is considered key to both personal and professional success.

We have developed our own educational framework, the Ladder, to help provide our audience with access to the necessary educational material, industry specialists and appropriate training that young people need and will resonate with.

It is our belief that through having this foundation of strong emotional intelligence / resilience this will provide them with the self-confidence and the social and interpersonal skills needed to support their individual growth and development, resulting in increased levels of achievement and a greater sense of purpose.

As we use an approach that appeals to their passion and interests, we are able to engage with young people where other methods have proved ineffective. This interaction can take the form of large-scale engagement activities such as BE United, a London-wide football tournament that saw the involvement of all the professional clubs in London and more than 1800 young people, and specialised initiatives like Pass It On, which encouraged at-risk students of a pupil referral unit in Newham to take part in cage rugby sessions.

Crucially, we design all of our methods of engagement to include some aspect of emotional intelligence learning or training, ensuring we give all participants a chance for them to learn valuable life lessons and develop their potential so that we can work together to support them into the world of work and sustainable employment.

Building Brighter Futures Together

Our initiatives are always delivered in collaboration with specialists. Creating and fostering these relationships makes the Passion Project process possible.
Together we identify skills shortages, employment gaps, or opportunities for engagement, and establish educational frameworks and employment solutions that work; organisations working in a vacuum tend to lack access to all the appropriate resources or expertise and can struggle to make a lasting impact.

For example, working in partnership with employment services, and organisations from the education sector, we develop career paths tailored to an employer’s needs. As well as resulting in an engaged and sustainable workforce for the businesses, this provides potential new employees with rewarding roles in an industry or role they’re enthusiastic about.

The Passion Project looks to change people’s lives by changing their perceptions – whether it’s the public’s perception of young people or young people’s perception of organisations in our partner network. The collaborative nature of our process is at the heart of all the work we do, helping us to fulfil our purpose of empowering young people to build a better future for themselves and others whilst supporting our partner network in the process.